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The Hardy Docking System is designed to increase the efficiency of the modern cardiac catheterization lab while allowing for better patient care. The system can be used for diagnostic or interventional procedures.  It consists of a permanently mounted Docking Station and two mobile Docking Tables which can be rolled in and out of the lab. This design allows the cardiologist to treat one patient while the clinic staff prepares the next patient in a nearby prep room. The first patient then has time to stabilize while the next patient is being treated.  This constant rotation not only increases the productivity of clinic personnel and equipment, it also allows each patient time for more personalized attention.  If necessary a patient can be rolled to another part of the hospital while still on the table.

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The Docking Station is permanently fastened to the floor and provides rigid mounting for the table. It contains all electrical connections for the table and any digital read-outs, control handles, or other accessories. It also serves as a convenient mounting location for medical gas outlets and physiological equipment. This keeps all cables and hoses organized, thus allowing more room to move around the patient.

The Docking Table, with patient, is rolled into the lab and mated to the Docking Station, where electrical connections are made automatically. The locking lever on the side of the table is then raised, locking the table to the station and simultaneously unlocking the carbon fiber top for panning.  Electric locks then provide accurate lateral and longitudinal table top positioning, and a motorized elevator allows vertical adjustment.

After patient treatment the table top is moved to the home position and the table can be un-docked. A safety interlock prevents the table top from moving while in transport mode.


Vertical Travel: 10 in / 25.4 cm
Lateral Travel: 8.5 in / 21.6 cm
Longitudinal Travel: 50 in / 127 cm
Absorption: < 1mm Al Equivalent
Requires 110 VAC and 24 VDC

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